Grating Technology

Mission Staco Group

Dear visitor,

As General Director of Staco Holding it gives me great pride and pleasure to introduce Staco to you. The Staco companies are known as unique and reliable partners in the grating industry. We belong to the top 3 manufacturers and traders within the European grating industry and are known as a leading player when it comes to innovation, production and marketing of all types of grating applications and services.
We are proud of our entrepreneurial and innovative cultures. We encourage and support our employees' career development and appreciate the huge benefit this has for our organizations. We grow stronger by continuous monitoring of our strategic priorities based on accurate and up-to-date analysis of our business procedures; we stay ahead of developments by listening carefully to our customers' requirements and ideas. We promote cooperation and are not afraid to lead the way, for example by promoting and actively encouraging achievement of Cradle-to-cradle and CE certification.

By doing business with Staco, your organization will benefit from our posision at the forefront of innovation within the industry and the value we place on sharing our expertise and building enduring and reliable partnerships with our customer base.

Jack Thibaudier
General Director
Staco Holding B.V.